Kenzie's Baby Leggings Project!

Whenever I see a pair of leggings I think of Makenzie. Doesn't matter the color, the look, I imagine her skinny little chicken legs in them. This girl became famous in the PICU because of these things. One of the first things that came to mind after Kenzie passed away was to make these and donate them to the PICU in honor of our daughter. I have talked to several people at PCMC and they all love the idea. The thing that's great about these is you can not only wear them on your legs but your arms. They will keep these kids warm- seriously those rooms are freezing. Through the rest of this year I am asking for donations. They can come in the form of knee high adults socks that I can make into leggings, already made baby leggings(called baby legs ), or if you could donate a few dollars to help the project. On December 13 2010 my family and I are going to visit the children's hospital and give them our gifts. My goal is to donate close to 500 leggings! *Here are some examples of the adult KNEE high socks that can be donated. They need to be fun/funky/different patterns or solid colors (no boring white please) *For these socks, I was planning on sewing them myself along with some family members that have offered to help but if you would like to help sew them- please email me and ill send you the instructions and patterns. (I promise, its really easy) *You can buy these socks at numerous places. I usually get them at target because you can buy 3 for around $6. *If you will be sending these socks or money donations please have them to me no later than September 1st so I can have enough time to sew them. You can email me for my address. *Here is what they look like when they are done. I will be making numerous sizes so not just infants can wear them. *These are the already made-nothing else to do but stick those cute things on a pair of fat, plump, or skinny legs.*You can buy these at target, walmart, kid to kid, any baby boutique or online at http://www.babylegs.com/. They are more expensive (around $8-$10) a pair but there is no work to be done and they fit for quite a bit longer than the homemade leggings. Please don't feel obligated to help, this is only if you want to.This project means a lot to me.If I only donate 10 pairs- Ill be happy because 10 little legs or arms will be warm and 10 little angels will get to know my angel a bit better.If you have any questions please email me:livingformrw@hotmail.com. *and for my inspiration*

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