The Leggings Project

This girl
became famous at Primary Children's Hospital because of these things
Since Makenize Passed away in December I have been determined to continue to make a difference in her name. To show the world how amazing she is and that she is truly an inspiration. To show everyone a different way to look at life and this world.
I want to do something that will help other children in Kenzie's situation feel loved, feel comforted and know they are not alone. I want them to know angels are with them. The children's hospital is a different place. The people are different, the environment is different the spirit is different. Unfortunately many families walk out those door without the most important part of their life with them. To many people have to look death in the eye. To many people have to experience mass amounts of suffering. These children are going through so much. Whether they have a terminal disease, a trauma or a mystery diagnosis. They are living a life most will never experience. They are fighting and they are fighting hard.
When I started this project I said my goal was 150 leggings. I thought Ehh.. Ill be able to donate a couple, a few people will enjoy them and it will be a way for others to know Makenzie.
My goal is now 1500 leggings and my goal is to simply help every child I can at PCMC to feel some peace and comfort and bring even a little smile to their day. These leggings represent hope to me. They represent love far beyond what anyone here on earth could give. They represent happiness.
.... Quite a bit from a pair of socks right :)
Kenzie Baby Leggings was created to honor her but its grown into honoring everyone else as well. The amount of support I have seen through this project is overwhelming. Its empowering. Its inspiring. To see everyone come together.
So about these leggings...
Whats great is you can not only wear them on your legs but your arms, your hands or feet... They will keep you warm- seriously those rooms are freezing. and They are so freaking stylish! Through the month of November I will continue to collect donations. They can come in the form of knee high adults socks that I can make into leggings or already made baby leggings. On December 13 2010 they will be donated to Primary Children's hospital in Salt Lake City Utah. We currently have around 1000 pairs of leggings. We still need 500+ to reach our goal.
*Here are some examples of the adult KNEE high socks that can be donated. They need to be fun/funky/different patterns or solid colors (no boring white please)
*For these socks, I was planning on sewing them myself along with some family members that have offered to help but if you would like to help sew them- please email me and ill send you the instructions and patterns. (I promise, its really easy)
*You can buy these socks at numerous places. I get them at target because they are only $2.
*If you will be sending these socks or money donations please have them to me no later than November 1st so I can have enough time to sew them. You can email me for my address.
* If you are going to sew them yourself please have them to me no later than December 1st so I can have enough time to package them.
*These are the already made-nothing else to do but stick those cute things on a pair of fat, plump, or skinny legs.
*You can buy these at target, walmart, kid to kid, any baby boutique or online at http://www.babylegs.com. They are a bit more expensive (around $8-$10) a pair but there is no work to be done and they fit for quite a bit longer than the homemade leggings.
LUCKY for us, http://www.babylegs.com has graciously partnered with our project and is doing a very special thing! If you mention Kenzie's Baby legs project and enter code BLKenzie at checkout, you will receive a 10% discount on your order--- and for every pair of leggings you buy for our project they will match it! That means if you order 3 leggings- they will send me 3 more leggings = 6 leggings! This is a huge huge huge blessing. We will be able to collect so many more leggings and make this an even bigger donation to the hospital for these amazing kids.
If you have any questions please let me know, you can email me or leave a comment with your email address. Thank you for helping us get where we are, almost 1000 pairs is simple amazing! We are soo very honored and blessed.
You are all making a difference!

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Helen said...

Hi! I just recently happened upon your blogs, not sure how, but I'm so glad I did! I've been so incredibly blessed by your strength and I've fallen in love with your precious little angel! I've never sewen anything, but I'm up for a new challenge! I'll e-mail you for the instructions and see what I can get going for ya! Thanks for being such an inspiration.