THE LEGGINGS!!! I have received a few donations in the last couple weeks so I'm not sure my exact number right now but last count was 524!!! We have beaten our goal and still have half a year left! WOO HOO! You are all amazing! What would I do without my amazing friends... Thank You SOOO very Much! I have some exciting news. www.babylegs.com is doing a very special thing for us! If you mention Kenzie's Baby legs project and enter code BLKenzie you will receive a 10% discount on your order--- and for every pair of leggings you buy for our project they will match it! That means if you order 3 leggings- they will send me 3 more leggings = 6 leggings! This is a huge huge huge blessing. We will be able to collect so many more leggings and make this an even bigger donation to the hospital than we could dream. If you have any questions please let me know. Again- Thank you for helping us get where we are. We are soo very honored and blessed. You are all making a difference!


Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event!

It was a Success!!!!
It was seriously amazing. We had so much love and support it was overwhelming. I apologize if I never got to talk to you or hug you- I really wanted to but I was seriously a mad women the whole day. So sorry! How rude of me. I still love you though and hope you will forgive me :)
Well I know you have all been checking in DAILY if not HOURLY to find out our results. I am a huge slacker and was nervous to post the final $$$ for fear something would happen and I would have more or less than what I was expecting. The reason being- We still were handing out silent auction items. So here it is...
No I'm not lieing. We beat our goal by $5,080... WHOO HOOO!
You all rock!
I cant tell you how amazing this is. You have made a difference to so many children. You have given hope to so many parents. It may be this donation that gives them the answer to a cure.
I hope you all know how thankful I am. From the bottom of my heart I could never thank you enough. For everything.
Those who came, bid on items, volunteering your time, volunteering your servies, donated money, bought treats, bought tickets, rode in the motorcycle ride, sent donations, told their friends and family about the event or prayed for us.
It was because of you!
Thank You Thank You Thank You.
Ill post more pictures soon but for some fun updates and pictures click