You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 10

I'm just panicking a little.
okay--- a lot!
3 days
3 days
1-2-3 DAYS!!!
I cant believe its almost here.
Of course we are experiencing the usual hick up. You have to expect that with everything. I'm just well.... over dramatic and tend to fall off my chair wailing like its the end of the world when we hit the smallest speed bump. I think things are coming together.
We have so many amazing friends and family rallying together to help make this all that it will be. I know everyone has put so much effort, love and dedication into this event and I am so blessed!
I cant begin to Thank everyone for being so amazing.
SOOO guess what- As of right this minute... We have 89 silent auction items!
and we are still adding more! I have a few coming today and tomorrow and I still need to pick up a couple. You seriously have to see some of this stuff!
We have awesome kid baskets, man baskets, girlie baskets, home baskets, garden baskets, sport lover baskets and so much more. There are items that start as little as $5...
You have to come check it out.


So Its been a few post since I blogged about my other project- THE LEGGINGS!!! I have received a few donations in the last couple days so I'm not sure my exact number right now but last count was 524!!! We have beaten our goal and still have half a year left! WOO HOO! You are all amazing! What would I do without my amazing friends... Thank You SOOO very Much!
I have some exciting news.
www.babylegs.com is doing a very special thing for us!
If you mention Kenzie's Baby legs project and enter code BLKenzie you will receive a
10% discount on your order--- and
for every pair of leggings you buy for our project they will match it!
That means if you order 3 leggings- they will send me 3 more leggings = 6 leggings!
This is a huge huge huge blessing. We will be able to collect so many more leggings and make this an even bigger donation to the hospital than we could dream.
If you have any questions please let me know.
Maybe we should just throw out another goal # ...... ....... ...... 1000??!!!
I don't think its too outrageous since you have all been totally out of this world, jump up and down, unicorns and glitter kind of amazing!!!
Again- Thank you for helping us get where we are. We are soo very honored and blessed.
You are all making a difference!


You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 9

Other Items in our Silent Auction:
- car wash gift cards -
- night out on the town complete with limo service and dinner -
- dinner for 4 made by your personal chef for the night -
- beautiful custom jewelry -
- gift cards to bakeries -
We have so many activities planned! We have been working non stop for the past couple weeks.
and now
We are 5 days away from THE Event!!!
If you live in Utah-
Tune into Channel 2 News on Friday Morning.
You will see me + family + friends + entertainers all for
Makenzie's Live Laugh Breathe Event!
5:00 - 8:00 AM
Don't miss us! DVR us! Its a chance for you to get a sneak peak at whats in store for Saturday!


Ride for a good cause and honor MRW

Do you ride a motorcycle or know someone that does?
You better join in on this pre event ride!!!
A great friend of mine set it up! Its going to be amazing!

Kenzie Boutique

Just to give you an idea what will be offered at this amazing little boutique...
** Fairy Station--- you can buy fairy wonds, fairy halos and get sprinkled with glitter **
- There are magnet boards - - necklesses- - magnets- - capes (for superheros) -
- furniture- - dresses - - crochet items - - pictures - - flower clips - - head bands -
- braclets - - watches - - wood letters - - home decor -
- yummy treats - - shirts -
The prices very. Again we can only accept cash or check. You can buy these items, you will not bid on them. Everything is homemade. Everything was donated. You are just going to go nuts over this stuff!!!

You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 8

1 week from tomorrow.
I think I'm gonna pee my pants a little bit :)
Its coming so fast. I have a million things to do just today. Seriously I have a list 5 pages long!
I know it will all be worth it. You will all have fun and you better all come.
Don't make me begg!
SOO I know you all could use a night away.
I know I could.
So here is a list of all the night/weekend stays you can bid on.
You seriously cant miss this! We have lots of other fun things planned that you don't want to miss. Just to give a little more information:
- We will only accept check or cash - There will be a leggings donation box if you have leggings you would like to drop off - There will be a SMALL program and a balloon launch at 7:00 pm - Raffle and Silent Auction both end at 7:00 pm so you can take your things home with you. - If your not present when the silent auction ends we will still get in touch with you and get you your items - You do need to be present for the raffle. If your not present when we raffle off the wii we will draw another ticket. - We will start right on time and have to end right on time. - There are bathrooms, a playground and tons of room to run around.


Its coming up!

11 Days!!!
Please tell your friends and your family.
You will not be disappointed!
For those of you that live in Utah---
Listen to all clear channel radio stations for my PSA that I recorded last week!
It will be played on all clear channel radio stations throughout the day until our event!
Let me know if you hear me!!!


You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 7

Have you ever made a quilt? Forget that, Have you ever sewn anything? I have attempted. I have failed. Seriously! I don't have the sewing skills at all. Well I have been blessed to have several AMAZING quilts donated to Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event's Silent Auction. That means- YOU can purchase one of those homemade works of art for yourself! I am so excited I cant even begin to tell you! Well one of the many quilts that have come in is from the amazing Material Girls Quilts in Utah. I have been in contact with Nadine who is just a doll and she helped get this put together for us.
You have to check out the amazing quilt HERE.. Scroll down a bit and you will see which one is being donated to us. Its beautiful. I love it! I want to keep it.
Seriously people- I'm bringing my check book. Ill be bidding. So should you! We have so many amazing things for EVERYONE!
Another donation I received the other day was from a place called Wild Arrow.
By a raise of hands who has a husband- or you yourself- are ridiculously obsessed with hunting- esp bow hunting? (i raise my hand)
Well the amazing team at Wild Arrow has donated:
2 shirts
2 hats
1 certificate for a bow tune up
1 punch card for 10 visits to their range
and a Hoochie Mama elk call.
My husband was jealous.
He wanted to sneak a few of these things for himself so I promised him he could bid on it.
So this is me now begging all of you to outbid him! I don't want to buy him anymore things for hunting for at least another couple months. He has everything!
15 more days! 2 weeks from tomorrow!
If you have anything you would like to donate to the silent auction please let me know ASAP. I need to collect everything July 5th!!!


You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 6

More items in our silent auction!!!!
a Daron Williams basket- which included a signed basketball and picture!!!
a picture by Ally Brynn
(this amazing artist made a special family portrait for us and I adore it)
Photography session with J5 Photography
Concert tickets to Kingsbury Hall
An amazing framed temple picture from Poppy Seed Projects
beautiful marble cutting boards from European Marble and Granite
Just to name a few...
If you have something to add to the silent auction I need all
donations by July 5th.
Please email me for more information!