Money- Mulah- Prices!

Admission: $8 per person
-children 1 and under are free-
that includes 1 meal ticket and 1 voucher for the fishing pond.
With the meal ticket you will get
+1 hot dog
+1 drink
+1 bag of chips
= Dinner!
With your admission that also includes all the amazing activities you can handle.
There is the bounce house, clowns, magicians, princesses, obstacle course, bean bag toss, balloon animals, balls, balloons for kenzie, scales and tails, UFO's, information booths, football toss, bubble machine, play ground, live music, tattoo station, dancers, Pinata and so much more!
The other costs are:
snow cones: $1
cotton candy: $1
face painters: $2
popsicles: 2 for $1
fishing pond: 2 for $1
raffle: $10 for 5 tickets
silent auction - depends on items.
kenzie boutique - depends on item.
there will be everything from jewelry, fairy wands and halos, crafts, hair bows to scentsy products.
spread the word- come help support an amazing cause.
Lets raise that $10,000 for SMA research and then some!!!


You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 5

So have you ever seen those amazing dancers that shake their body in ways you could only dream? I remember the first time I ever saw one- I was at the mall around Christmas time and they were putting on some holiday performance. These belly dancers came out and stole the show. Ill never forget the one girl I wouldn't take my eyes off of. She was amazing. She made the dance look so easy and so beautiful. I love dance! I sure wish I had any kind of rhythm.
At Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event we will have a special performance by the
This is going to be an amazing performance.
You will not want to miss them.
They will perform from 7:45 - 8:30 pm.
Come out, Grab a seat, Pull up a blanket and ENJOY!


If you haven't heard....
I just packed and sent all our baby leggings that we have so far to get embroidered.
AND. the final count as of June 27 2010 is...
...drum roll please...
hello! yes, can you believe it?! i surely cant.
we are a mere 6 leggings away from our SECOND goal. If you don't remember, my first goal was 150. HAHA. I laugh at my old self, thinking my peeps wouldn't pull through and totally surpass my expectations of donating a few leggings. nope. you all rock. you came through with flying colors and donated a whooping 494 pairs of leggings!
but don't think we are stopping. ill be collecting through September. lets blow that 494 number away by getting many more than that!
to everyone who donated.
This is going to be so amazing.
Remember- December 13 2010 ill be donating all these adorable leggings to
Primary Children's Medical Center.
There will be a flood of babies and little kids who will be sporting this fashionable attire.
I just cant wait!


You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 4

We have been blessed with some amazing donations for our silent auction. You seriously have to come just to check out all the amazing things you can bid on. Here is a SMALL list of some of the things we have:
2 all day passes to Lagoon
$50 gift certificate to Salt Lake Running Co.
Gift certificate for a dozen cookies from the AMAZING Dough Girl
(if you have never tried one of these cookies- promise me you will, they are heaven in your mouth)
All Day passes to CHERRY HILL
Gift basket worth $100 from Babinskis Baby Boutique
A gift certificate worth up to $1000 at
(all you truck owners will drool over this)
A nights stay at the RITZ CARLTON Half Moon Bay in sunny California
WITH a round of golf included!
If you wish to donate something to our silent auction please contact me at livingformrw@hotmail.com.
We are still in need of more items and would love anything!
I need all silent auction items by July 5th.
We have a serious count down now!
Only 24 more days!
We are in need of volunteers!
If you would like to volunteer that day please email me.
You can help for as little or as long as you would like.
Cant wait to see you all!


You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 3

You really REALLY reaLLy don't want to miss...
We have the privilege of having one of Utah's best magicians perform at Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event. When I found this amazing artist I knew we needed him.
he graciously accepted!
So get ready, get prepared and come see The Magic of TIMOTHY
Crazy? Perhaps, but Timothy is definitely someone who has a lot of fun doing what he loves most, entertaining! His light hearted performing style, comical manner and repertoire of incredible magic and illusions is guaranteed to have the audience in stitches and amazement! He presents a magical form of entertainment that is amazing, humorous and truly unique.
From 5:30 - 6:15 pm you will be amazed by
The Magic of Timothy!
I know ill be sitting front row so I don't miss anything!
If you would like to have Timothy at your party go HERE.


You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 2

Have you ever heard of this company???
OMG- Its amazing.
I usually am not into creepy crawlers but these all look so amazing and friendly that I cant wait to meet them all!
provides entertaining reptile shows year round and they have graciously offered to come to our event and put on an amazing BIG show! There is going to be tons of fun surprises you will not want to miss. Check out some of the amazing animals they have...
They will be at Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe event from 4:00 - 5:15 pm.
Make sure to come early to grab a good seat!


Volunteer Pizza Party

Remember.... THIS Saturday June 12th from 6:00 - 7:00 PM is our Volunteer Pizza Party!!! If you would like to volunteer at Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event please come this Saturday for a mini party. It will give me a chance to meet all of you, let you know what you will be doing at the event and eat some pizza. We will be having it at the same park as the event in July. We will have a couple balloons at the park by the pavilions so you can watch out for them. This is an open house so come and go as you please. It will not take long to sign up and find out what you will be assigned. I cant wait to meet you if we haven't already met and I cant wait to see everyone I know. Lets just hope the weather holds up and we are not sitting in a rain storm. If so- the show will still go on and we will be there in rain gear. Please email me if you have any questions. If you cant make the pizza party but still would like to volunteer please email me your name, number and the time you would be available to volunteer. Ill get you on the list and let you know later what you will be doing.
Shepard Park
760 W Shepard Ln Farmington, UT 84025
Directions coming from the South heading North Merge onto I-15 N. Take the US-89 N exit, EXIT 324, toward I-84 E/SO. OGDEN. Merge onto US-89 N via the exit on the LEFT. Take the UT-106 exit, EXIT 396, toward SHEPARD LN. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto N US-89. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto SHEPARD LN/UT-106 E. 760 W SHEPARD LN is on the LEFT. Directions From North heading South Merge onto I-15 S via the ramp on the LEFT toward SALT LAKE CITY. Take the PARK LANE exit, EXIT 325, toward UT-225. Turn LEFT onto PARK LN. Turn LEFT to take the US-89 N ramp toward NB FRONTAGE RD/SO. OGDEN. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto N US-89. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto SHEPARD LN/UT-106 E. 760 W SHEPARD LN is on the LEFT.


You dont want to miss this- part 1

From now until the event I will be featuring some of our amazing sponsors to give you all a taste of whats to come on July 17th. On You don't want to miss this - part 1 we will be featuring the amazing, perfect for any little girls birthday party/event!!!!
PriNceSS PaRtiEs
There will be a real princess at Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event! They will be there to take pictures with, sing, dance, spin in circles and have the best day with your little ones (or you, i promise we wont judge :)
Doesn't it look like a blast! I cant wait to meet the princess. Sorry kids- you will have to wait your turn! I'm a little nuts about princesses esp. Ariel. Lets just all stay out of the way if she comes! Now which princess will be there is still a surprise!!!
You will have to come to find out!
Please visit A Princess Party to find out how you can have your very own princess at your birthday party!!!
*they do boy party's to*



Less than 10 days until ill be sending the baby leggings to get embroidered. I will keep accepting donations through September but it would be amazing if we could get most of them embroidered with MRW. If you have any socks that are not already made into leggings, we will still get those done and make them after we get them back. Please send them as soon as possible. I will be sending them on JUNE 15th so I need them no later than JUNE 14th. Have you seen our counter? That's right, I have collected 210 pairs (not including the leggings from Alisha- they should be on their way in the mail).... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? I'm so amazed. This is such a great accomplishment and I have all of YOU to THANK... I cant wait to see how many more we get and I can only imagine the faces of those kids in the NICU when they are giving a pair of these. To know they are loved and that so many people are thinking of them gives me so much joy. Thank you Thank You Thank You to all who have donated. Keep em' coming. Remember our goal is 500!



Our Sponsor List is growing! Check them out. You can click on any of the links to the right. You will be amazed what some of these people have donated.
I promise you don't want to miss this auction.
Thank You THANK YOU thanK You
to everyone who has donated so far.
If you wish to donate- Please contact me at livingformrw@hotmail.com


Its June 2nd!

I cant believe how quick Makenzie's live, laugh, breathe event is sneaking up on us! We have so many fun things being donated to the silent auction. You cant miss it! Check out our sponsors to the right. Most of them have donated something to the auction. We are so excited to get everything in order and ready to go. I am still in of more sponsors. I know times are tough right now and its hard to donate money, items or even time but please understand how important this fundraiser is. Did you know *** Whether we have heard of SMA or not, this ‘little known disease’ is afflicting an estimated 1 in every 6,000 live births. Worldwide, 13,000 lives are lost every year. Over 25,000 Americans have SMA. This is huge! We need to get the word out about SMA. We need to help raise money to find a cure. No child should have to suffer through this horrible disease. No parent should have to bury their child. We can all help. We can all make a difference. If you don't think your $10 will help- Your wrong. It will bring us $10 closer to finding a cure! The international scientific community agrees that of all neuromuscular diseases, SMA is the closest to developing a treatment or a cure. Because a cure is in sight, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently designated SMA as a model for their research program aimed to turn basic science into actual drugs and treatments. It is the educated expectation of leading scientists and clinicians worldwide that with the appropriate funding, an effective therapy for SMA can be achieved in five years or less. Small private investments in SMA research have resulted in tremendous breakthroughs. Look at that- we are close. Within this lifetime. Its not a far off cure that maybe someday we will find a cure for- its here and now. We will see an end. We just need your help to make it sooner rather than later! If you can- please donate! You will be changing lives! Now if you were not already planning on coming to our event- you better move your plans around because we have some awesome news! On top of awesome entertainment, great food, tons of activities, We will be raffling off....
A Nintendo Wii!!!!
Seriously... how can you miss it now? I promise you will have a fabulous time.
Spread the word. Tell your friends, your family, your work... If you want to hang fliers- email me and ill send you some. The count down is on!!!
45 more days!