Money- Mulah- Prices!

Admission: $8 per person
-children 1 and under are free-
that includes 1 meal ticket and 1 voucher for the fishing pond.
With the meal ticket you will get
+1 hot dog
+1 drink
+1 bag of chips
= Dinner!
With your admission that also includes all the amazing activities you can handle.
There is the bounce house, clowns, magicians, princesses, obstacle course, bean bag toss, balloon animals, balls, balloons for kenzie, scales and tails, UFO's, information booths, football toss, bubble machine, play ground, live music, tattoo station, dancers, Pinata and so much more!
The other costs are:
snow cones: $1
cotton candy: $1
face painters: $2
popsicles: 2 for $1
fishing pond: 2 for $1
raffle: $10 for 5 tickets
silent auction - depends on items.
kenzie boutique - depends on item.
there will be everything from jewelry, fairy wands and halos, crafts, hair bows to scentsy products.
spread the word- come help support an amazing cause.
Lets raise that $10,000 for SMA research and then some!!!


TMI Tara said...

Wow, girl, things are really coming along! I'm so excited for you. And beaming with pride to call you my friend. Amazing, simply amazing.

Michelle Snarr said...

Can't wait to come! It's going to be so much fun.

Marcia said...

Can't. Wait.