You dont want to miss this- part 1

From now until the event I will be featuring some of our amazing sponsors to give you all a taste of whats to come on July 17th. On You don't want to miss this - part 1 we will be featuring the amazing, perfect for any little girls birthday party/event!!!!
PriNceSS PaRtiEs
There will be a real princess at Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event! They will be there to take pictures with, sing, dance, spin in circles and have the best day with your little ones (or you, i promise we wont judge :)
Doesn't it look like a blast! I cant wait to meet the princess. Sorry kids- you will have to wait your turn! I'm a little nuts about princesses esp. Ariel. Lets just all stay out of the way if she comes! Now which princess will be there is still a surprise!!!
You will have to come to find out!
Please visit A Princess Party to find out how you can have your very own princess at your birthday party!!!
*they do boy party's to*

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♥ Stephan & Michelle ♥ said...

My niece just had this exact Ariel at her b-day party just recently and she did amazing! SO if she is there the kids will love her! :)