If you haven't heard....
I just packed and sent all our baby leggings that we have so far to get embroidered.
AND. the final count as of June 27 2010 is...
...drum roll please...
hello! yes, can you believe it?! i surely cant.
we are a mere 6 leggings away from our SECOND goal. If you don't remember, my first goal was 150. HAHA. I laugh at my old self, thinking my peeps wouldn't pull through and totally surpass my expectations of donating a few leggings. nope. you all rock. you came through with flying colors and donated a whooping 494 pairs of leggings!
but don't think we are stopping. ill be collecting through September. lets blow that 494 number away by getting many more than that!
to everyone who donated.
This is going to be so amazing.
Remember- December 13 2010 ill be donating all these adorable leggings to
Primary Children's Medical Center.
There will be a flood of babies and little kids who will be sporting this fashionable attire.
I just cant wait!


¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

guess who has 6 more pairs of leggings for you??? that's right - me. love you tons!

Sherrie Martineau said...

Can you give us instructions again on what you need and how to make the leggings?? I'm slow getting on the ball but have time now that I think I can now arrange to make some.