Its June 2nd!

I cant believe how quick Makenzie's live, laugh, breathe event is sneaking up on us! We have so many fun things being donated to the silent auction. You cant miss it! Check out our sponsors to the right. Most of them have donated something to the auction. We are so excited to get everything in order and ready to go. I am still in of more sponsors. I know times are tough right now and its hard to donate money, items or even time but please understand how important this fundraiser is. Did you know *** Whether we have heard of SMA or not, this ‘little known disease’ is afflicting an estimated 1 in every 6,000 live births. Worldwide, 13,000 lives are lost every year. Over 25,000 Americans have SMA. This is huge! We need to get the word out about SMA. We need to help raise money to find a cure. No child should have to suffer through this horrible disease. No parent should have to bury their child. We can all help. We can all make a difference. If you don't think your $10 will help- Your wrong. It will bring us $10 closer to finding a cure! The international scientific community agrees that of all neuromuscular diseases, SMA is the closest to developing a treatment or a cure. Because a cure is in sight, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently designated SMA as a model for their research program aimed to turn basic science into actual drugs and treatments. It is the educated expectation of leading scientists and clinicians worldwide that with the appropriate funding, an effective therapy for SMA can be achieved in five years or less. Small private investments in SMA research have resulted in tremendous breakthroughs. Look at that- we are close. Within this lifetime. Its not a far off cure that maybe someday we will find a cure for- its here and now. We will see an end. We just need your help to make it sooner rather than later! If you can- please donate! You will be changing lives! Now if you were not already planning on coming to our event- you better move your plans around because we have some awesome news! On top of awesome entertainment, great food, tons of activities, We will be raffling off....
A Nintendo Wii!!!!
Seriously... how can you miss it now? I promise you will have a fabulous time.
Spread the word. Tell your friends, your family, your work... If you want to hang fliers- email me and ill send you some. The count down is on!!!
45 more days!

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Whitney Anne said...

I've been reading your blog for a while. Words can't express how sorry I am but this is an amazing thing you're doing in memory of your daughter. I plan on attending with my son. I've also printed out your flyers and told people about the event at my work. It's going to be an amazing day for you, and your family.