Less than 10 days until ill be sending the baby leggings to get embroidered. I will keep accepting donations through September but it would be amazing if we could get most of them embroidered with MRW. If you have any socks that are not already made into leggings, we will still get those done and make them after we get them back. Please send them as soon as possible. I will be sending them on JUNE 15th so I need them no later than JUNE 14th. Have you seen our counter? That's right, I have collected 210 pairs (not including the leggings from Alisha- they should be on their way in the mail).... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? I'm so amazed. This is such a great accomplishment and I have all of YOU to THANK... I cant wait to see how many more we get and I can only imagine the faces of those kids in the NICU when they are giving a pair of these. To know they are loved and that so many people are thinking of them gives me so much joy. Thank you Thank You Thank You to all who have donated. Keep em' coming. Remember our goal is 500!

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