You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 7

Have you ever made a quilt? Forget that, Have you ever sewn anything? I have attempted. I have failed. Seriously! I don't have the sewing skills at all. Well I have been blessed to have several AMAZING quilts donated to Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event's Silent Auction. That means- YOU can purchase one of those homemade works of art for yourself! I am so excited I cant even begin to tell you! Well one of the many quilts that have come in is from the amazing Material Girls Quilts in Utah. I have been in contact with Nadine who is just a doll and she helped get this put together for us.
You have to check out the amazing quilt HERE.. Scroll down a bit and you will see which one is being donated to us. Its beautiful. I love it! I want to keep it.
Seriously people- I'm bringing my check book. Ill be bidding. So should you! We have so many amazing things for EVERYONE!
Another donation I received the other day was from a place called Wild Arrow.
By a raise of hands who has a husband- or you yourself- are ridiculously obsessed with hunting- esp bow hunting? (i raise my hand)
Well the amazing team at Wild Arrow has donated:
2 shirts
2 hats
1 certificate for a bow tune up
1 punch card for 10 visits to their range
and a Hoochie Mama elk call.
My husband was jealous.
He wanted to sneak a few of these things for himself so I promised him he could bid on it.
So this is me now begging all of you to outbid him! I don't want to buy him anymore things for hunting for at least another couple months. He has everything!
15 more days! 2 weeks from tomorrow!
If you have anything you would like to donate to the silent auction please let me know ASAP. I need to collect everything July 5th!!!

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FROGGITY! said...

Good luck and God bless in all of your endeavors!!