You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 8

1 week from tomorrow.
I think I'm gonna pee my pants a little bit :)
Its coming so fast. I have a million things to do just today. Seriously I have a list 5 pages long!
I know it will all be worth it. You will all have fun and you better all come.
Don't make me begg!
SOO I know you all could use a night away.
I know I could.
So here is a list of all the night/weekend stays you can bid on.
You seriously cant miss this! We have lots of other fun things planned that you don't want to miss. Just to give a little more information:
- We will only accept check or cash - There will be a leggings donation box if you have leggings you would like to drop off - There will be a SMALL program and a balloon launch at 7:00 pm - Raffle and Silent Auction both end at 7:00 pm so you can take your things home with you. - If your not present when the silent auction ends we will still get in touch with you and get you your items - You do need to be present for the raffle. If your not present when we raffle off the wii we will draw another ticket. - We will start right on time and have to end right on time. - There are bathrooms, a playground and tons of room to run around.

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