You Dont Want to Miss This - Part 10

I'm just panicking a little.
okay--- a lot!
3 days
3 days
1-2-3 DAYS!!!
I cant believe its almost here.
Of course we are experiencing the usual hick up. You have to expect that with everything. I'm just well.... over dramatic and tend to fall off my chair wailing like its the end of the world when we hit the smallest speed bump. I think things are coming together.
We have so many amazing friends and family rallying together to help make this all that it will be. I know everyone has put so much effort, love and dedication into this event and I am so blessed!
I cant begin to Thank everyone for being so amazing.
SOOO guess what- As of right this minute... We have 89 silent auction items!
and we are still adding more! I have a few coming today and tomorrow and I still need to pick up a couple. You seriously have to see some of this stuff!
We have awesome kid baskets, man baskets, girlie baskets, home baskets, garden baskets, sport lover baskets and so much more. There are items that start as little as $5...
You have to come check it out.


brigette said...

So excited to come and volunteer and meet you!! SUPER EXCITED!!

Emma said...

Only 2 more sleeps!! I can't believe it. I know you will be feeling stressed but remember the little things won't matter in the end, even though they feel that way now, and it will be an incredible event to celebrate your sweet baby girl!!!! Thinking of you on the final days of planning and of course on Saturday too! :-) Hugs, Em

Becky said...

Your daughter is beautiful and incredible all you are doing to make a difference. I am sorry that we will miss your amazing event on Saturday. We will spread the word and hope it goes very well.

memorysdaughter said...

Hi there... I saw your MRW T-shirts on Chloe's TMI blog... would it be possible to buy one of those shirts? Please let me know.

Thank you,

brigette said...

So I blogged about how awesome this was on my blog I hope you don't care. I'm dying to hear the results!!!!

Doreen G. said...

Hey girl,
Just wanted to let you know you put on a fantastic event for Mackenzie last weekend. Please let Greg know if we got any of the silent auction items. I was sure hoping I did. You should post your results from the event when you get them! I'm sure everyone would love to know how much was donated to her cause. Take care, Doreen :)

Jae Marie said...

I know you are hurting now, so not rushing. I'm just anxious and excited to hear how things went with Makenzie's event.

I am in Michigan and I only happened across you accidentally. But I have fallen in love with your beautiful little girl and I mourn her loss with you.

I hope to be able to contribute in the future to her cause and to help raise awareness.

Can't wait to read about and see pictures of the event.

Be blessed & loved Kendra.


Chels said...

Would love to hear the outcome of this amazing event. Sorry I missed it as we were out of town.

Love ya, Chels

Chels said...

would love to hear theoutcome of this amazing event.

Love ya, Chels