Learn of SMARD

I am learning everyday more and more about the horrible disease that took my daughter.  I am meeting new people and seeing how many more know of this disease. Seeing the lives that are dealing with this every single day.  I want to show others. I want others to learn about this. Learn the stories of these children. Spread the word yourself.  In order for there to ever be a cure, treatment or more help for this disease we need help.  If I was a millionaire I would give my money to The Jackson Laboratory and beg them to spend every hour in the lab doing research on this disease. Maybe someday I could do that!  But in the meantime- I ask for your help. Help in spreading the word. Help in donating a few dollars.  Help by giving your support to fundraisers. Everything helps. 
I have had a couple guest bloggers who have told their story.  I want to continue this.  Please keep checking in and reading more.  Read about these little lives. Read about their everyday. Read about what SMARD means to them...

If you have any questions please ask!

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