Makenzie's 2nd Annual Live, Laugh, Breathe EVENT!

HOLY 2011!
So its now February and my planning has yet to begin. Okay well lets be honest with ourselves. I have been planning since before the last Makenzie Event in July 2010 :)
But I have yet to start making the calls. Eeek. Ill get on that ASAP!
So my plan....
Are you ready?!
We will be doing a 5k run/ 1k walk!
So lace up your running shoes and get ready.
Yes this includes me!
I have a lot of work to do. BUT. I will be doing the 5k! My first 5k ever!
Don't laugh. I have participated in many runs but I always take the shortcuts and never make the full 5k run entirely. fewww! This will be great though. AND we will be running for a great cause.
I will soon be posting about our plan, the goals, the place, the day, the time and any other details that need to be communicated!
I cant wait.
Let the count down begin!


brigette said...

Super excited! I hope its not during th 8th-15th well be on our cruise so I hope its the day after we get back :)this is such a great idea!

Ali said...

Oh my gosh I am SO there!...I mean I would be there anyway, but I am way excited about the 5K! I have been training for my first one next month and I am sure I will be addicted at that point!

¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

i can't say i share ali's addiction (yet), but if it's for miss Makenzie then i'm in. seriously, this is going to take MAJOR WILL POWER :)
promise me you won't call in an amber alert for me if i run this. because heaven knows how long it will take - but i am determined!

Emma said...

AWESOME!! Good for you for doing the running, Kenzie will be there helping to push you to the finish line if you need it!! I know this years event will be so amazing, I wish I lived close enough to be there, what a special day! Love and hugs, Em

Tiffany said...

Came across your blog somehow and just wanted to say I LOVE what you are doing in your daughter's memory. Our daughter, Ellie, who passed away in October, used to wear babylegs all the time! I was addicted to them! We are donating some things to the hospital she died at and I included babylegs- I wished we had some of hers when we there so help keep her warm with all of the tubes. Great idea! They will be so appreciated!
Your daughter is so beautiful!

Mike and Jenna said...

I CANT WAIT!!!! Super excited, it is going to be a blast for a awesome cause.. xoxo