Its MAY 24th!!!

I cant believe it. My anxiety is growing everyday. We are getting so much closer to Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe event and there is still soooo SOOO SOOO SO much to do. BUT This post isn't for that. Its for our Kenzie leggings project. Can you believe its almost June. That means you only have 1 week to order from ALISHA for $5 leggings! AND you only have a few short weeks to get me the rest of the leggings that will get monogrammed with MRW... REMEMBER I need all those no later than June 14th as I am sending them off on June 15th!!!! I got a pretty big donation last week so ill update my numbers in the next week or so. If you don't want to buy leggings yourself or make them, you can donate with the button to the right and let me know how you would like your leggings money spent and ill do it for you. I can buy socks that ill make into leggings or I can order from Alisha. You let me know!!! I hope everyone is doing great and had a wonderful weekend!

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