So we have a whole blog just for MRW Live, Laugh Breathe!!! Its all so exciting and I cant wait to see what else comes out of this amazing name. This isnt going to end with the event in July or the Leggings project. It will be ongoing for the rest of our lives. This is one small thing we can do to keep our daughters legacy alive and help spread awarness for SMA/SMARD.
Thank you to everyone who is helping me every step of the way. I cant do it alone and you are all so amazing to step up and help out!
Remember- You only have 14 more days to place your order with ALISHA in order for her to send me the leggings in one big order. (remember only $5 for each pair of baby leggings and for every 5 you buy she will throw in one for free) I will be sending any and all leggings I have to get embroidered on June 15th so hurry and get them to me so they can get the MRW logo on them. Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event is coming along great! Its 2 months from today! I still have so much to do and so many people to still contact. Remember I still need lots of help so if your interested please let me know. I need everything from, volunteers to sponsors! I need silent auction items to just spreading the word and getting people to come! Its going to be an amazing event. We have lots of great entertainment. There will be tons of fun activities. AND lots of yummy food. Some of the newest items that have been added to our silent auction: * Uof U gift basket * Quilts * Gas Gift Card * Spa Gift Card * Movie Gift basket * Outdoor Mister set * Hair Gift Basket + tons of adorable crafts! This is just a few items. We have so many already. I cant wait to see what elses comes in. June 12th is our pizza party for anyone who would like to volunteer at the MRW Live, Laugh, Breathe Event. We will have lots of pizza and drinks from 6-7 pm at Shepard Park in Farmington. Please mark you calendars!!! (I am not expecting anyone to volunteer the entire night, Its only when you want to. I still want you to enjoy the event!!!) Make sure to grab our button to the right and spread the word through your blog/email and/or Facebook/Twitter/Myspace!!!


Emma said...

Love, love, love this webpage!! What a wonderful way to get more info out about the fundraiser, I sure wish I lived closer and could be there!!! Good luck with all you are doing and I know it will be a huge success-just the amount of awareness you are raising for SMA and SMARD is awesome! Love and hugs, Em

TMI Tara said...

Everything looks great and is coming along, Kendra! I am definitely here for you every single step of the way to celebrate sweet Makenzie's life. Love you!