whats the story behind these? just balloons right? not to us. when kenzie was in the hospital this was one of the first times i realized how incredibly strong she is. when a friend sent her balloons, i brought them in her room, she wouldn't take her eyes off them. i gave them to her. she held them. a little girl losing all control over her body. grabbed those balloons and wouldn't let go. wouldn't take her eyes off them. i could see a miracle that day. to see the strength she held in that little body. i was amazed. since that day we always had balloons in her room. they made her happy. she wouldn't take her eyes off them. the night she left us. we sent her balloons. we continue to send her balloons. its something we can still give her. its something where we can feel connected. we write on them, kiss them and send them to her. for her birthday i ordered over 1000 balloons. a group blew them up throughout the whole day. everyone got one. we sent them off. to not only makenzie but to every other angel that lost their battle. it was amazing.

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The Johnson Crew said...

I think you are amazing Kendra. I don't leave many comments but I read each post and think of you daily.

Thanks for sending all the balloons!