Leggings Party #1

October 19th we had our first Leggings Party.
With the help of some amazing family we folded, stuffed and finished sewing 600 pairs of leggings! AND we were no where to being done. We ended up stopping because we ran out of the stories we are putting in the bags! We will be having another little party coming up this next month where we will finish getting everything put together. Its been amazing to see the out poor of love and support these leggings have brought. They make me so happy. I can only imagine the little legs that get to fill them.
You are all the reason for this.
Thank You!
If you are still interested in donating leggings please get them to us no later than Thanksgiving. It takes more time to put these things together than we expected. We want to make sure everything is put together perfectly before we take them to the Children's hospital. Please email me for instruction, an address to send the leggings to or any other questions you might have.


Robin said...

Kendra, I didn't even see you post anything about planning a leggings party. You should have let me know I have a sewing machine and I would have loved to help out. Next time let me know for sure.

Anonymous said...

Again, no words to express the out pouring of love that has been shown in honor of this special girl of yours. She has changed your life forever but in the process changed all of ours too. I find myself thinking of her and what she went through but then I see in my mind her beautiful smile and those captivating eyes that spoke volumns of love for her parents. Her life has inspired so many of us to turn away from our own selves and try to reach outward to others. I love her and I love you, Kendra. Always and forever, Auntie M

Anonymous said...

So what ended up being the final count? did you take the leggings to the hospital on Kenzies homecoming anniversary?

De Rosa said...

I don't know when you begin to make the leggings for this year but i would love to help team up and make leggings with you guys. I have a sowing machine and love to sow. I have no idea how to make them but would love to learn and could pound a ton out. Let me know Thanks so much Hollie