Second Annual Live, Laugh, Breathe Event!

I haven't wanted to write much because there are so many things still up in the air with the event. BUT we are starting to get things in order and everything is starting to fall into place.
I learned last year not to put my all my heart into something because more often than not, people tend to back out last minute. AND I hate disappointing all of you
We had a planning meeting a week ago and got some great ideas and plans going.
You already know we will be doing a concert in the park.
It will be at Woodland park in Farmington Utah.
July 22, 2011 (which is a Friday)
We have several performers we are very excited about and know you and your family will enjoy.
Its very family friendly. For all ages so make sure you bring your baby and your grandparents.
Its a bring your own picnic/dinner on a blanket kind of thing
but we will have lots of candy, goodies and treats you can purchase there.
Makenzie Boutique will definitely be there again for all you boutique lovers. We have some fun things to be sold already and I'm sure more to come.
One of the most popular attractions last year was the bounce houses, the cotton candy and snowcones... Well my very good friend JASON at Utah Bouncy Houses has graciously donated his services AGAIN! This guy is awesome.
So this means when your little ones get a little restless they can go jump out their energy!
There are so many other details I want to share but I have to hold back for a bit.
Remember to mark your calendars so you can make it!
Bring your friends, your family, your neighbors...
I promise it will be an amazing evening!
I know for us Utahans its a holiday weekend and many of you might be heading out of town. If you still want to help we have our pay pal account set up if you wanted to make a donation for SMARD research! Remember all proceeds from this fundraiser go straight to the lab. Straight to the scientists that are working extremely hard to find a cure! With your help... It will happen.


Monica said...

Sounds great! I think what you do to honor Makenzie is awesome.

Presley & Charlotte Gleason said...

Its on our calendar!!! Cant wait!!!! Presley will love it!!

brigette said...

Im super excited about this!!! I cant wait!! You are AMAZING and I seriously mean AMAZING!! Love you guys